Ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram for foodie inspiration and found that you’re suddenly incredibly hungry? We definitely have. We had a chat with Madelaine from popular Instagram food blog, Taking A Bite to hear about her top food and drink adventures in Melbourne.

Taking A Bite
Tell us about your blog and how you got started?

I’ve always had a love for food. I come from an Italian background and all of my childhood memories are around food. This is where the passion for my blog started. I also organise blogger events for businesses to allow them to display their passion and best to the public.

What do you love most about your job?
I love trying new dishes that are out there. There is always something new to try! The fact that I can help businesses gain more exposure and the chance to showcase their passion is also a great thing. It’s also great meeting other like minded foodies too.
Taking A Bite

What are you drinking at the moment?
I love chocolatey cocktails, so my go to is a Toblerone, yum!

What’s your favourite cocktail to make at home?
At home I tend to make fruity cocktails, just with a mixture of fruit and some vodka.

Taking A Bite

What tipples do you recommend?
I would say the Rekordlig Strawberry and Lime cider, and the Wild Berries cider, such amazing drinks! Really sweet and crisp, perfect for a hot night

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All images via Taking a Bite.



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